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A picture of Carolina Cieniak

Lipidomic research of CTPNL investigators Dr John Arnason and Dr Steffany Bennett highlighted as part of uOttawa's Defy the Conventional campaign



A picture of Carolina Cieniak

CTPNL trainee and new post-doctoral fellow, Dr Carolina Cieniak, is profiled in the Natural Health Product Research Society Bulletin


Carolina Cieniak

A picture of Matthew Taylor in the lab

CTPNL trainee and president of the Student Society for Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Matthew Taylor's work in natural health product lipidomics is profiled in the Natural Health Product Research Society Bulletin

PDF, Facebook, August 2013

Matthew Taylor

CTPNL graduate researchers help sponsor a poster session at the 7th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Association for Neuroscience.

Facebook, May 2013

Matthew Cooke

Matthew Granger

Graeme McDowell

Ashleigh McLean

Matthew Taylor

Dr. Steffany Bennett, director of CTPNL, speaks at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto on May 9 about how neurolipidomic research touches every stage of our lives, from cradle to grave.

Research Matters, May 2013

Dr. Bennett's presentation

Dr. Steffany Bennett

CTPNL graduate researchers hold first annual research symposium and fundraiser for Alzheimer's disease and dementia research at uOttawa

Facebook, April 2013

Matthew Cooke

Matthew Granger

Graeme McDowell

Ashleigh McLean

Matthew Taylor

Five CTPNL researchers are profiled in uOttawa's Research Perspectives for fighting neurodegenerative disease

University of Ottawa Research Perspectives, January 2013

Dr. Steffany Bennett

Dr. Claude Messier

Dr. David Park

Dr. Michael Schlossmacher

Dr. Ruth Slack


CTPNL Director's program to find natural health products that ameliorate lipid changes in Alzheimer's disease highlighted in the Natural Health Product Research Society Bulletin

PDF, Facebook, January 2013

Dr. Steffany Bennett

CTPNL researchers build a better mouse model for the study of Parkinson's disease. Dr. David Park is highlighted by the Ottawa Citizen.

Ottawa Citizen, September 2012

Dr. David Park

Dr. Max Rousseaux

Bringing the mechanisms of neurodegenerative disease to life: CTPNL Post-Professional fellow brings the architecture of cells to life using 3D-imaging software to represent how lipids in cell membranes alter function. His work is highlighted by Carleton University Magazine

Carleton University Magazine, June 2012

Nico Valenzuela


Research and Representation: Interdisciplinary collaboration between CTPNL Outreach Scholarship recipient Alexandra Pettit and CTPNL Undergraduate Award recipient Crystal Hanlely is highlighted on the cover of Neuroscience

Neuroscience 200: 211-212 and cover, January 2012

Crystal Hanley
Dr. Alexandra Pettit

CTPNL Graduate Scholarship recipient Andrew Syrett's thesis has been nominated for the Commission on Graduate Studies in Sciences Prize recognizing excellence in the M.Sc. thesis. Andrew is now a medical student at McMaster University

Master's and PhD Theses Prizes, December 2011

Andrew Syrett

Undergraduate CTPNL researcher Wei Wang wins bronze in the OHRI Summer Student Research Program for her CTPNL-funded studies in Dr. John Woulfe's laboratory

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Newsroom, September 2011

Wei Wang

CTPNL conference Award recipient Alexandra Pettit (Ph.D Candidate) wins the Zealand Pharma Predoctoral Research Award for best research presentation at the International Gap Junction Conference 2011

Awards - International Gap Junction Conference, August 2011

Alexandra Pettit

Director of the CIHR Training Program in Neurodegenerative Lipidomics is awarded a University Research Chair in Neurolipidomics

University of Ottawa Media Room, July 2011

Dr. Steffany Bennett

Neurolipidomics Trainee 3D visualizations highlighted by Carleton University

Carleton University Research Works, April 2011

Crystal Hanley

Director of our Program highlighted as Researcher of the Month by Canadians for Heath Research

Canadians for Health Research, March 2011

Dr. Steffany Bennett

UK High Commission Science and Innovation Officer Nicole Arbour blogs about Neurolipidomics

Neurodegenerative Lipidomics conference: Neurolipidomics 2010, December 2010

All principal investigators

Oil and Water: Neurolipidomics of Neurodegenerative Disease

Canadian Undergraduate Conference on Health Care, November 2010

Dr. Steffany Bennett

Fact and Fiction from the Frontlines of Science Communication a Panel Discussion

Science Media Centre of Canada, November 2010

Dr. Steffany Bennett

Interview: Trainee Alexandre P. Blanchard on Radio Canada

Radio Canada, Le Monde Selon Mathieu, November 2010

Alexandre P. Blanchard

Putting the arts back into sciences: Alzheimer’s study aims for holistic view

Ottawa Citizen, October 2010

Dr. Stephen Fai
Dr. Steffany Bennett

University of Ottawa researcher leads a $1.8M offensive against Alzheimer’s disease

University of Ottawa Media Room, October 2010

Sourcenews, October 2010

uOttawa researcher gets grant

metronews, October 2010

Dr. Steffany Bennett
Dr. Paul Fraser
Dr. David Park
Dr. Daniel Figeys

Pioneering Advances in Visualizing Alzheimer’s Disease — Carleton University’s Stephen Fai Shows the Way

Carleton Newsroom, October 2010

Medical News Today, October 2010

Dr. Stephen Fai
Dr. Steffany Bennett
Nico Valenzuela

U of T researcher has lipids on his mind - Tandon explores new way to map lipid-protein interaction in the brain

News @ the University of Toronto, October 2010

U of T researchers look at brain fat in Alzheimer's disease
Innovation Anthology, October 2010

Mapping the lipid-protein interactome – a new way to look at brain “fat” in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease, University of Toronto’s Anurag Tandon leads the way

Longwoods.com, October 2010

U of T researcher has lipids on his mind

Healthcanal.com, October 2010

Dr. Anurag Tandon
Dr. Steffany Bennett
Dr. Daniel Figeys
Fish oil to fight depression?
Sunnybrook News & Media, October 2010
Dr. Krista Lanctot
Dr. Steffany Bennett