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Monoamine oxidase B as a possible link between post-operative and COVID-19 delirium

February 28th, 2022, by Miroslava Cuperlovic-Culf

Metabolic differences in delirium prone patients lead to a protein with computationally shown possibility for binding to Sars-CoV2 spike protein.

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Novels insights into a complex enzymatic complex

November 16th, 2021, by Irina Alecu

Sphingolipids are a very diverse class of lipids that play many important functions in the life of a cell. However, their accumulation can be detrimental and can lead to the development of neurologic and metabolic disorders.

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DMS as an orthogonal separation to LC-ESI-MS/MS for quantifying isomeric cerebrosides in plasma and cerebrospinal fluid

April 15th, 2019, by Hongbin Xu

lucosylceramides (GlcCers) and galactosylceramides (GalCers) are structurally related lipids that are important for mammalian cells. However, their presence in the body is tissue-specific, and problems with the body’s ability to maintain the right balance of theses lipids can lead to devastating but drastically different diseases.

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Dysregulated lipid metabolism and its role in a-synucleinopathy in Parkinson's disease

April 11th, 2021, by Irina Alecu

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is projected to affect up to 9 million people worldwide by 2030, with the ultimate cause behind 90% of these cases remaining a black box. While the pathomechanisms underlying Parkinson’s disease have still not been elucidated, recent research is pointing more and more towards the involvement of lipids in the development and progression of PD, including cytotoxic interactions with the protein α-synuclein (the accumulation of which is the major pathological hallmark of PD) and dysregulation of lipid pathways.

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